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TraX System

TraX System

Alluring. Refined. Limitless.

A fully customizable addition to any StruXure product.

A natural upgrade to our Pergola X, the TraX™ System takes the control you have over your outdoor space to the next level allowing screens and lights to be seamlessly integrated into the anatomy of your pergola.

Explore the TraX™ System

The TraX™ system is fully integrated into the overall functionality of the Pergola X, whether it’s a new build or an existing structure. The hood allows for the installation of any Somfy®-compatible motorized screen. Now you can adjust both your louvers and your screens for maximum comfort and protection.

TraX™ Components

The TraX™ System comes in three sizes, each able to accommodate a different number of cables and configurations of LED strip lights. The TraX 2 (2”), TraX 6 (6”), and TraX 8 (8”) are each sold in 16’, 20’, and 24’ lengths, and can be cut to exact specifications. Each TraX™ can be installed horizontally within the Pergola X beams and/or vertically within the posts.

Hood Components

The TraX™ Hood comes in one size, 8”x8”, and can accomodate screens from all Somfy®-compatible screen manufacturers. Caps come in two options: the TraX™ Cap, which is made of aluminum, or the TraX™ Lens Cap, made of frosted polycarbonate.